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Angelica Kushi

Yoga & Meditation

Angelica Kushi loves flying the skies as a professional aerialist and stuntwoman. When she’s on the ground, she’s a yoga teacher and health and wellness educator. Born and raised in a macrobiotic home, her education stems from a lifetime of living a holistic lifestyle. Specializing in creating a relaxed and easeful approach to health, her formal training is from the Kushi Institute, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and extensive studies in yoga and Tibetan Buddhism at the Asian Classic Institute and Yoga Studies Institute. Her passion is to provide people with easy and accessible ways to live a nourishing lifestyle so they can live out their wildest dreams and achieve their peak potential.

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Heart-Opening Meditation

Ever wonder how the Dalai Lama always has that gloriously glowing smile? Take a seat and enjoy the peace you’ll find in these heart-opening meditations and visualizations inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist lineage.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level I

Feel awesome alignment with this foundational class for newbies and life-long yogis alike. Your body is the vehicle for your life; treat it right so your body is fit to support you to live life fully. This yoga class is fun, energizing, and educational. Sweat, laugh, love, and learn.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Get in the flow with this intermediate yoga class. We connect breath and movement to create energy and currency in your body. As a result, your mind will be awake and alert, ready to serve the world in your own special way. Sweat in the name of love!

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Private Yoga Session

Do you want a yoga class tailored entirely to you? Your body, your mind, your mood? Ask and you shall receive. Yoga classes are great, but they can’t address exactly what you need, because there are sixty other people on the deck. Give yourself the gift of hands-on yoga assists and personalized attention to help you fully relax and enjoy your time out here on the ocean.

$125/person, 60 minutes
$150/couple, 60 minutes

Private Meditation Session

Is your mind running wild? Have you tried meditating, but found it hard to stick with? Let’s talk real talk; meditation is amazing and challenging. You deserve the peace of mind that meditation provides! Give yourself the gift of personalized attention for your mind to chill out.

$125/person, 60 minutes
$150/couple, 60 minutes

Private Ayurvedic Astrology Coaching Session

Do you want to love and accept all aspects of YOU? Are you looking for life-changing and life-affirming practical information? Ayurvedic astrology is a hidden gem of wisdom that outlines a clear path to live in alignment with who you are at your core. Highlights of our time together include understanding the best foods for you to eat, emotional and stress-relieving techniques specific to your needs, your ideal career path, and your life purpose. If you are ready to feel empowered, inspired, energized and want practical and easy tools, then this is for you.

$150/person, 60 minutes
$250/couple, 60 minutes

Book your One-on-One Consultations, Treatments, and Group Workshop for the March 2023 Cruise:

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