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Cody Stubbe

Nutritional Counselor & Lifestyle Medicine

Cody Stubbe, RN, MSN, is a co-leader of the Nurses Nutrition Network and co-director of So Many Cooks in the Kitchen, as well as So Many Kids in the Kitchen. She is also the founder of Wholistic Dish, LLC, which provides resources for evidence-based, healthy, vegan, whole food plant-based meals. She teaches nurses in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, sharing her passion for nutrition research. She is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and a Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine Food for Life instructor.

As a registered nurse for over twenty years, Cody has witnessed first-hand how poor nutrition can have a devastating impact on people’s health. She has experience taking care of a wide range of patients and has a deep understanding of disease processes. She teaches cooking and nutrition classes to nurses, hospital administrators, and the public. Cody also presents at nursing and lifestyle medicine conferences. She is co-author of a chapter in a forthcoming book on nursing education. The book Food is Climate features several of her recipes and her children’s recipes. You can find Cody at

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Strategies to Enlighten, Engage, and Inspire Healthy Lifestyle Practices

After many years providing nursing care for others, this nurse finally found her true passion – to improve the health of others, along with herself and her loved ones, through eating a whole food plant-based diet and adopting a holistic lifestyle. In this talk we will learn about the six pillars of lifestyle medicine and how they can be applied to help prevent, treat, and possibly reverse chronic diseases.

This presentation will provide the audience with insights to help make healthy lifestyle choices. The practical application of strategies to get engaged in healthy behaviors will be discussed with many examples that can be implemented at home or at the workplace immediately. Up-to-date resources, including evidence-based information, will be shared to inspire and empower others to live a holistic, healthy life.


Healthy and Easy Food Preparations

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