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Mayuko “Coko” Nakashima

Rolfing & Craniosacral Therapy

Coko is a practicing vegan and certified Rolfer™ who brings a wealth of integrated healing techniques to her personal, hands-on sessions and movement education. Her approach has been cultivated based on more than a decade of experience and training in a variety of movement-related fields including Rolfing Structural Integration, craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, reflexology, yoga, and Kita Sound Healing. Coko’s clients include both humans and animals, as she is passionate about rejuvenating ease and the breath of life within all sentient beings. She has expanded her practice to horses as she trains to become an equine structural integration practitioner.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Exploring the Myofascial and Nervous System to Create Harmony in Your Body

In this experiential lecture, Coko will share her knowledge and simple, yet profound, self-care exercises gained through nineteen years of working with myofascial tissue. Also, she will share her perspective on the development of your body from embryo to the present moment as it relates to functional and structural integration. This approach has been very effective for her clients who have not found relief through more traditional forms of bodywork. Coko’s hope is that at the end of this session, you will come away with the ability to listen, attend to your body, and develop self-awareness  so you can be a catalyst in your own healing.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

WORKSHOP: Jellyfish Movement

Experience profound rebalancing, harmonizing, and integrating for your body through the exploration of movement that focuses on fascia, the nervous system, and structural integration. These fun, informative classes can be incorporated into your self-care practices as baby steps. They are profoundly powerful and will increase your body awareness in order to facilitate its natural healing ability. Foster trust and connection in your body so it can trust you. No previous experience is necessary. Bring an open heart and mind. Be prepared to have fun and learn. Taking the lecture “Exploring the Myofascial and Nervous System to Create Harmony” is recommended prior to this workshop, but not necessary.

$150/person, 60 minutes
Space is limited to 10 participants



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