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Dean Sherzai, MD

Brain Health Doctor

Dean Sherzai, MD, PhD, MPH, MAS, is a behavioral neurologist/neuroscientist who has dedicated his career to examining behavioral change models at the community and population level. Dr. Sherzai finished his medical and neurology residencies at Georgetown University, with a subsequent fellowship in neurodegenerative diseases at the National Institutes of Health. He received a second fellowship in Dementia and Geriatrics at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Also, he holds master’s degrees in Advanced Sciences (MAS) in Clinical Research from UCSD and in Public Health (MPH) in Nutritional Epidemiology from Loma Linda University. Dr. Sherzai has received a PhD in Healthcare Leadership focused on community empowerment from Loma Linda/Andrews University. He completed the executive leadership program at Harvard Business School. His vision has always been to revolutionize healthcare by empowering communities to take control of their own health. 

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Keynote: Lifestyle and Brain Health – The Next Frontier

This presentation will highlight what we’ve learned to date about our amazing brain and the calamities that can befall it, including Alzheimer’s disease and strokes – and with all we have learned about brain diseases, we don’t have a single cure for them. However, we have lifestyle solutions that can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases by as much 80%. Yet, we don’t see these solutions widely implemented, and when they are implemented, we do so without the individual and community in mind. In this lecture, Dr. Sherzai will emphasize the lifestyle factors that can significantly reduce our risk for dementia and other brain diseases, and illuminate how the answers lie in the communities.

The Secret to Behavior Change

In the last few decades, we have learned more about the influence of lifestyle on our relationship with numerous devastating diseases, including dementia, stroke, and heart disease. Where we have miserably failed is in the application of the behavior change models that could truly help society implement these modifications in people’s lives. In this poignant lecture, Dr. Sherzai will discuss how behavior change can be inculcated at the individual and population level, and why it is so important for us to start addressing these changes as much as the lifestyle factors we hope to influence.



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