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2024 Presenter Series: Interview with Dr. Scott Stoll

Who are the pioneers of plant-based health and wellness joining the upcoming Holistic Holiday at Sea in March 2024? We were fortunate to sit down with several of the inspirational presenters who will be on board the next vegan cruise, and today we would like to introduce you to Dr. Scott Stoll, a renowned advocate, author, speaker, and cofounder of the Plantrician Project.

Dr. Stoll will join us for the first time in March and his presentations focus on regenerative health from his unique and highly qualified perspective. Here is what Dr. Stoll shared with us about his work and the upcoming plant-based cruise trip!

Interview with Dr. Scott Stoll, MD

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us, Dr. Stoll! We’re excited to have you aboard in March. This will be your first time joining Holistic Holiday at Sea. What are you most looking forward to doing?

 I am looking forward to meeting people. I most enjoy interacting with and meeting people from all over the world.


Is there anyone you’re excited to meet for the first time or spend time with?

 I’m looking forward to meeting the attendees- the people who are attending the cruise.  I’ve seen some of the other presenters and they are fantastic, but I am most excited to learn from and talk with all of the other travelers. 


What will be the topics of your presentations?

 Some things that might be unique to my presentations are my interest and practice in regenerative medicine. I will share information for athletes, weekend warriors, anyone dealing with pain in their musculoskeletal systems, and natural means to facilitate natural healing. 

 The other area that I love to represent and teach about is the idea that what we think and what we believe is important to our healing abilities and general health. I believe that approaching health from the right identity and mindset is really important to healing. I encourage others (and myself) to rediscover the power of imagination and vision in regenerative medicine.


What is the “why” or driving motivational force behind your work?

 The primary motivation behind my work came from the desire to help my patients find optimal health. For some of my patients, the things that meant most to them were inaccessible or eroded through their lives. So many of those joys and activities can be recovered with different lifestyle choices.


Will you be attending the plant-based cruise trip with family or friends?

My daughter Joy will be joining me on the trip. Aside from the 


Will you offer onboard consultations in addition to the discussions and presentations you will lead?

 Yes! I am excited to offer regenerative health consultations with a focus on musculoskeletal health.

Learn with Dr. Scott Stoll aboard a vegan cruise in March 2024

Registered guests will have the opportunity to schedule onboard consultations with Dr. Scott Stoll MD. Reserve your spot today or learn more about this iconic, once-in-a-lifetime vegan cruise experience! This unforgettable is coming up soon, and we hope to see you onboard.