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Whether our 2018 cruise is your first Holistic Holiday at Sea experience or your 15th, our annual Voyage to Well-being offers many exciting opportunities to discover something new about yourself and dig deeper into the plant-based movement. Attend lectures and workshops by dozens of leading experts in the areas of medicine, fitness, holistic modalities, and nutrition. Dine on 100% vegan cuisine prepared with care and attention to detail under the strict supervision of Mark Hanna, an internationally known natural food chef and author.

And don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes! There are many opportunities to enjoy world-class entertainment, from stand-up to musical concerts.

Music that Awakens the Soul

Bridgette Kosser with presenters Robert Cheeke and Marcus Gary

“There’s a lot to do on this cruise. There’s a lot of information,” says singer and entertainer Bridgette Kosser. “I think it’s very important for people to have time to connect with each other in a different way and have fun and feel relaxed.” Bridgette is one of the amazing performers set to appear on our upcoming cruise. This will be Bridgette’s eighth year singing on the cruise (and ninth time attending).

“I’m looking forward to new ports,” says Bridgette. “One thing I’m really looking forward to is that I’m doing a private concert experience.’ A professional singer for more than 30 years, Bridgette is offering a 90-minute private group concert titled “I Am Enough,” which is based on her original music and book that will transform listeners’ inner connection with themselves.

Guests will be serenaded by Bridgette at the welcome party on the first night of the cruise. She will perform favorite tunes from many decades. At the pool deck party themed “C’mon, Get Happy!” Bridgette has chosen “feel good” music—classic hits from the ’70s onward.

The ship has become dubbed by Holistic Holiday at Sea fans as The Love Boat. Music plays a big part in bringing people together. “For me, music is like a highway that vibration—that energy—travels on.” While listening to music, people often feel themselves drawn to others experiencing the same flow of energy on the inside. Poolside socials offer a great opportunity for guests to mingle!

Have a Seat for Stand-up

Steve Mittleman

Steve Mittleman

As Hippocrates famously said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” We’d like to add that laughter is also an important ingredient for a balanced life!

While he is no stranger to performing on cruises, comedian Steve Mittleman is making his Holistic Holiday at Sea debut. His career was launched years ago when he won The Big Laff Off on Showtime. He’s one of the rare comedians who appeared on The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. He’s also appeared on popular networks, including HBO and Comedy Central. Steve has worked with such talents as Jerry Seinfeld, Ray Romano, and Steve Martin.

You may recognize his name from a special thanks in the credits for the film Forks Over Knives. “Brian Wendel, who created Forks Over Knives, is a friend of mine,” says Steve. “About ten years ago, I had The China Study on my coffee table and he asked to borrow it. He gave it back a couple weeks later and said, ‘I’m making a movie out of that!’”

In his stand-up set for Holistic Holiday at Sea, titled “Leave Your Fat Behind,” Steve discusses the emotional side of eating for health, an approach that frees up our mind around our food choices. While he’s been invested in vegetarianism and macrobiotics since the early ’80s (and plant-based for the last decade), Steve has a mindset that wavers from extremes and promotes doing the best you can. “You do the most loving thing you can toward yourself and toward others and toward the planet… From my own experience, from my life, I’ve been too perfectionistic—and food is something you must have. So you have to develop a great relationship with it and around it and about it. People can go crazy micromanaging.”

In his comedy show titled “Fun Time!” Steve’s charm and clever wordplay will ensure a night of laughter and smiles.

Steve tells us, “I’m looking forward to seeing all the great speakers, being surrounded by fellow plant-based people, and going with my girlfriend (Lynda Lander)… I can’t wait for this cruise. I think about it maybe every day!”

See You Soon!

New friends and experiences await you on the 2018 Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise! Bridgette says, “I think the cruise is amazing because the people I met nine years ago—many I communicate with outside of the cruise—when we come back on the ship again, they’re like family. And then you have the opportunity to meet all these new people. I find it to be really, really connecting in that way. And that’s why I keep doing it.” Make new memories on the Voyage to Well-being. First-time cruise goers and returning guests, alike, will love our schedule of entertainment. We’ll see you soon!