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GMO Milk – Cloudy Results

A Breakthrough?

As if the list of dangers concerning the consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) weren’t prevalent enough, research scientists in Beijing have declared the successful engineering of 300 dairy cattle for the purpose of producing what they claim to be an equivalent to human milk, as stated in the journal ‘Public Library of Science One’ (PLoS ONE). Professor Ning Li, lead researcher in the genetically modified bovine milk project based from the State Key Laboratory for Agro-Biotechnology at the China Agricultural University, explains in the journal how cloning technology allowed for the insertion of human genes into the DNA of dairy calf embryos which were then implanted into surrogate cows. By enhancing the presence of lysozyme, an antimicrobial protein which protects human newborns from infections, the Chinese scientists are seeking to modify bovine milk to reach the 3,000 times more potent lysozyme levels contained within human milk.
In doing so, the dangers run rampant, first specifically for the animals as researchers publicized that only 26 or the 42 genetically modified calves were born. The milk produced by the GMO cows contains unusual proteins to which humans have never been previously exposed. By injecting human genes into foreign DNA strands one can easily contrive the disastrous assumption in believing the resulting milk’s safe for human consumption. One would only have to review the research concerning animals being fed genetically modified food, consistently resulting in problems surrounding their hearts, spleens, livers, kidneys and adrenal glands.
Adding to the gradually increasing series of GMO foods, along with Flavr Savr’s initial rot-resistant tomato from 1994 and AquaBounty’s genetically altered salmon, which experienced heightened growth rates at twice the normal pace. It is questionable at the least if a positive outcome can be derived from these transgenic “advancements.”

The Facts Are Black & White

The real irony in even attempting the scientific venture of genetically modifying cow’s milk is the utter lack of biological necessity. In response to the importance of calcium being placed in the media’s dietary forefront, it has become increasingly obvious that the quantity and sourcing of calcium as recommended by the United States Recommended Daily Allowances (USRDA) is vastly misinforming. Without even wandering onto the moral/ethical tightrope of dairy farming and animal abuse, milk from other animals is scientifically proven as nutritionally too much for human consumption, and also highly dangerous in association with Hypertensive and Rheumatic Heart Disease, as well as various types of cancer, including stomach, brain, breast and cervix cancer.
The milk produced by each mammalian species is specifically formulated to fuel their infant’s growth rate and biological needs during the first weeks, months and/or early years. For instance, with bovine milk containing four times more calcium than human milk. Why would such a high concentration of calcium be a necessity for a human of any age, especially for human adults as our bones cease growing upon maturity? And what of the repercussions from consuming such large quantities of saturated fat and protein as found in cow’s milk?
The fact is that calcium, as well as other hyped forms of nutrition supposedly found in cow’s milk, can be found in a wholly nutritional plant-based diet. Such sources include: collards, spinach, blackeyed peas, broccoli, kale, oranges, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and almonds.