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Every year Holistic Holiday at Sea supports non-profits and campaigns that help to spread the word about the benefits of plant based nutrition and the vegan and macrobiotic lifestyles. On the 2015 cruise, we were excited to have the first screening of the upcoming documentary film, PlantPure Nation. This film, like others before it, provides a great opportunity to reach a larger audience with important educational content. Continue reading the post below to learn about the current tour, the Kickstarter campaign and future plans for PlantPure Nation:

The PlantPure Nation movie was screened first on our Holistic Health Cruise in March, where it received a rousing reception. Since then, the film has been further edited and is now being screened in cities across the country. The PlantPure Nation film team’s next stop is Atlanta followed by Chattanooga and Indianapolis with a nation’s capital rally in Washington DC on May 9th.

To date, every theater has been sold out, with the last two bumping this spring’s biggest blockbuster film, “Fast and Furious.” Pure and Healthy wins every time!

The main reason for this blog post is to remind our cruise participants of the Kickstarter campaign that will provide the resources critical to bringing this breakthrough documentary to more cities and towns across America. This funding also will enable an innovative social/philanthropic strategy to help launch a grassroots movement around the idea of plant-based nutrition, perhaps the most exciting idea shared by the filmmakers during the cruise.

Reliance on traditional venture capital investment could take away the freedom to develop the socially conscious business and philanthropic organization this team is envisioning. You can read more about what they are working on at

Please visit to view and to donate to the Kickstarter project page. Watch the video and give as much as you can to help with this campaign. Also, please consider sharing this link with your family, friends, clients, and co-workers. The time is now to get this off the ground and in front of as many people as possible.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Nelson Campbell could use your support.