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Who Says Having a Vegan Diet Isn’t Sexy?

PETA just completed their annual Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest and of course the winners are sexy and by virtues of this contest, they are compassionate people. One of the things that is great about this contest is it reaffirms that healthy is beautiful. It is especially gratifying to read about what has inspired them to have a plant based diet.

Meet Vegetarian Beauty Tiana Rae

The female winner of the year Tiana Rae from San Jose, CA had a fabulous quote “Animals belong in our hearts and not in our stomachs”. Tiana has been responsible for a beauty pageant in Hong Kong to serve all of the contestants vegetarian meals. Not only is she beautiful, her compassion extends to her future career as a child development specialist. She has a cat named Chanel Genevieve Pumpkinseed!

Vegan Heat: No Animals were Harmed in the Making of this Body!

This year’s male winner is actually a Vegan! Zachary’s quote for the competition was “No animals were harmed in the making of this body”. His body definitely debunks any myths about not being able to obtain and maintain lean hard muscle with a vegan diet.  Zachary started out being vegetarian and moved into veganism after the influence of his job of working at a vegan restaurant in NYC.

He has a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure and says that his choice of having a vegan diet has helped him combat his hereditary health issues. Zachary is originally from Portland, Oregon and now lives in the eclectic borough of Brooklyn in NYC.
To read more about these plant based beauties go to the website.

In Other Sexy Vegan News

This banned Super Bowl Commercial from PETA was all the buzz during Super Bowl XLIII! Let us know what you think of the use of the veggies in this video by commenting below. WARNING… the images in this video may shock, excite or disturb you!
Maybe you’ll meet the plant based beauty of your dreams on our vegan travel holiday!  We look forward to seeing you there helping us celebrate our 10th Year Anniversary!