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Dilip Barman

Vegan Chef & Nutritional Educator

Dilip Barman has been involved with a plant-based lifestyle for decades. He is president of the Triangle Vegetarian Society in North Carolina where he hosts the country’s largest vegan Thanksgiving. He is an instructor for Food for Life, a nutrition education program of the  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He helped to found and direct the monthly show So Many Cooks in the Kitchen and bimonthly, So Many Kids in the Kitchen, where they share healthy whole food, plant-based cooking and nutrition.

Dilip is on the advisory board of Rochester Lifestyle Medicine where he runs destination plant-based immersions in the mountains and beaches of North Carolina, showing participants the why and how of healthy cooking and nutrition. He is the North American representative of the International Vegetarian Union, a “Vegan Information Point” and speaker bureau member of the American Vegan Society, and an affiliate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

As the executive producer of the 2020 film Code Blue, Dilip shows how lifestyle choices can profoundly affect health. He is a math teacher and the nutrition education director of an elementary and middle school where he has created a healthy snack program to provide nutrition education and, several times a week, healthy plant-based food for children.

Dilip is proud to have never repeated a meal for his wife in almost nineteen years of knowing her. He blogs about his plant-based creations and tweets about whole food plant-based meals and nutrition, as well as math, which he also teaches, and other topics on twitter @dbarman.

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Movie: Code Blue – One Physician’s Inspiring Journey to Well-Being, moderated by Dilip Barman

Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life? Code Blue provides the prescription to do just that. The solution is simple! Use the common-sense practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent nearly 80% of chronic diseases. Code Blue is a feature-length documentary that reveals insufficiencies in the current state of medicine and provides a logical solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage, and reverse disease.

Code Blue presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: Why is this not an integral component of the curriculum taught in medical schools? Why does this not resonate with the preponderance of present-day practicing physicians? What is causing the lapse in communication to the public? The unwillingness of some to believe that the American public — addicted to the quick fix — will embrace lifestyle changes is also addressed, as well as the undercurrent influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries that help shape public policy.


Healthy and Easy Food Preparations

You’ve heard the theories regarding the benefits of eating whole food, plant-based vegan meals. Now let’s consider practical matters in the kitchen. Do you have to spend a lot to equip your kitchen specially to make satisfying meals? No – but having certain appliances can help you cut down on time. We’ll share the kinds of equipment that can be helpful and techniques that we love to use to easily and quickly prepare tasty, vegan recipes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or pay for a lot of training, to spend less time on preparation and more time enjoying healthy and delicious meals. Let us pass on the tips we’ve acquired to you!

Note: Food will not be prepared during this class



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