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Jenne Claiborne

Author, Vegan Chef & Blogger

Jenné Claiborne, vegan chef, content creator, and author of the Sweet Potato Soul cookbook, is known for creating colorful, unique, and easy-to-make southern inspired vegan recipes. She became vegan for ethical and animal welfare reasons, and was pleasantly surprised by the way in which it improved her health and happiness. Jenné has been featured on several shows and in various other media outlets, including The Today Show, the New York Times, Washington Post, and more. You can find her recipes on and in her cookbook, Sweet Potato Soul.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

COOKING CLASS: Fall in love with Beans!

Bring your taste buds and fall in love with these authentic-style bean dishes. These dishes are full of flavor and texture, nutritious, and easy to make. Whether it’s a snack or a main course, beans really have a way of sticking to your ribs and making you feel all loved on the inside.


COOKING CLASS: Tasty Tantamount Tofu

Tofu can provide incredible health benefits and also serve as a comfort food. Some people can even compare tofu to a fine wine. These quick and easy recipes will heighten your experience and your taste buds and inspire your southern flare. For those seeking a work-life balance, these quick, easy and comforting, these dishes are tangy, spicy, and exceptional.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

BOOTCAMP: Mushrooms 101

Join Jenne to learn all there is about the mushroom and how this earthy, meaty flavor delicate can provide both nutritional value as well as the umami taste we all crave. These recipes will warm you belly and fill your sweet soul. Get ready for layers of flavor married with a creamy sauce and succulent mushrooms. Sure, you can use tofu to replace the chicken, but it’s no match to oyster mushrooms!

$150/person, 75 minutes



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