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Giacomo Marchese

Cofounder, VeganProteins & PlantBuilt

Giacomo Marchese has been vegan for over 15 years and involved with fitness for more than 20 years in many different areas. He specializes in coaching others. As an athlete, Giacomo is actively competing in bodybuilding. He has won several awards and holds a champion title in both bodybuilding and powerlifting.

Together, with his wife Dani, he co-founded VeganProteins, an online coaching business. They also co-founded PlantBuilt, the largest and most diverse team of strength-based athletes in the world. Giacomo uses strength-based sports and travels to various mainstream fitness expos and vegan festivals across the country with the Vegan Strong team to raise awareness for animal rights and welfare.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Panel Q&A: Powered by Plants with Vegan Athletes Robert Cheeke, Nathan Crane, Cyrus Khambatta, Giacomo Marchese, Dani Taylor, and Dr. Scott Stoll

Do you have questions about the nutrition athletes need to fuel their bodies on a plant-based diet? Concerned with getting the right types of carbohydrates to power through your weekend warrior lifestyle, or wonder how much protein you should eat after a tough workout? Learn from athletes who have achieved success in their sports, powered by a pure, plant-based diet. From endurance sports like running, to weight training and bodybuilding, to martial arts, and even Olympic sports, these vegan athletes will help you fuel your athletic endeavors for optimal performance.



Get ready to unleash your inner vegan athlete in Giacomo Marchese’s electrifying Vegan Strong Boot Camp class! Join us for a high-octane fitness experience that combines the power of bodyweight exercises and dynamic band workouts. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, you will leave you feeling stronger, more resilient, and exhilarated. While there is jumping in this class, there are also low impact modifications that do not require jumping.



Welcome to Giacomo Marchese’s rejuvenating mobility class, where we prioritize flexibility and joint health through the art of deep, restorative stretches. Giacomo’s expertise in mobility training will lead you on a journey of increased range of motion, reduced stiffness, and enhanced overall mobility. In this class, we hold long, soothing stretches that unravel tension and allow your muscles and joints to find their optimal alignment.

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Private Sports Nutrition Consultation

Is an active healthy lifestyle your thing? Are you ready to put the work in, but aren’t sure how to optimize your nutrition? Giacomo can get you there. As a professional bodybuilder and powerlifter, he spends the bulk of his time keeping up to date with the latest research and has extensive experience that he passes on to his clients. Whether you are in the advanced stages of your fitness journey or are new to it, Giacomo will assess your needs and walk you through a detailed plan of action to optimize your nutrition goals. Take the guesswork out of meal timing, learn how to balance your plate, and find out how to apply a plan that will not just look good on paper, but will work for YOU and your lifestyle.

$250/person, 60 minutes



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