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Michael Rossoff, LAc

Macrobiotics & Oriental Healing

Michael Rossoff, a licensed acupuncturist (LAc), is a senior macrobiotic teacher and counselor with over fifty years of experience. He has practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine for over forty years, including three years as academic dean of The Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine. He taught extensively in Europe, England, Israel, and the United States. In addition, he published MacroMuse Magazine for seven years in the 1980s, a prominent macrobiotic publication dedicated to growing the understanding and application of macrobiotics in society.

Michael continues to write and give lectures and seminars on healing topics, including women’s health issues, usually virtually. Michael lives in Asheville, NC, where he continues to enjoy his work, providing acupuncture treatments and personal counseling sessions, which are also available virtually.

March 2023 Cruise Classes:

Keynote: Improve Digestion and Feel Better From Head to Toe

Heartburn, bloating, gas, nausea, and stomach pain are acute, common problems that can be greatly abated. Even overeating, which is common, can be resolved. Good digestion, where the stomach and the spleen-pancreas are the center of body energies, can determine the wellness of all other organs. You will learn some essential insights from Oriental Medicine to improve your understanding of these problems and therefore, how to change them. How we eat, when we eat, and what we eat are the keys to improving digestion. You will also learn important acupressure points to tonify your digestive powers.


Strengthening Elimination for Clear Body and Mind

What goes in, must come out. Otherwise, it will accumulate (not so good!). We will explore the body’s ways of elimination through bowels, kidney/bladder, skin, and lungs. The more efficiently these organs function, the less toxicity and weakness can occur. As we age, these systems often become weaker with a higher potential for chronic problems and diseases. We will explore which foods and drinks help or harm, how to breathe better, and identify some useful acupressure points.


Women’s Wellness After Menopause

Postmenopause can be a blessed age, but often becomes a dangerous time for cancers, osteoporosis, weight gain, mood swings, and self-image worries. How to reduce the chances of these, and improve your self-healing powers, is the focus of this talk. Women live longer because they are inherently stronger than men, which Michael will explain. Getting the improvement you want without hormones or mega vitamins can empower your wellbeing. You will learn the underlying causes for these problems and the keys to changing them with oriental healing. Even if you have aging issues, healing and renewed vitality can be achieved.


Secrets of Oriental Diagnosis—What It Reveals about You

We are naturally curious about the difference in appearances of others, from body shape to facial features. No two people look alike, even identical twins. The hands, feet, ears, and face give important indications about your constitution (what you’ve inherited) and your current condition (diet and lifestyle choices). The face can reveal many stories about the life you’ve lived and can also reveal underlying conditions, including overworked kidneys, a sluggish liver, or digestive problems. The goal is to appreciate your strengths and see where to work on your weaknesses.



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