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Sandy Pukel

President, Holistic Holiday at Sea

Sandy Pukel has been intimately involved in the natural foods industry for over five decades and has established an international reputation as a leader in this field. He is a natural foods icon in South Florida, where he taught vegetarian cooking in the early 1970s and owned and operated the landmark Oak Feed natural foods store, a mecca for people interested in health and well-being. Together with world macrobiotic leader Michio Kushi, Sandy established a network of learning centers throughout Florida to teach natural foods cooking and holistic health. In 1984, he founded a nonprofit educational foundation, A Taste of Health, which has hosted celebrities and internationally-known holistic educators at conferences and open air festivals. More than 30,000 gue​sts and students have attended some of these events. As a board-certified nutritionist, he works with clients regarding lifestyle changes and dietary needs. Sandy has also been instrumental in the establishment of several natural foods businesses, including world-leader Miso Master. His cookbook, Grains and Greens on the Deep Blue Sea, is the direct outcome of Sandy’s latest venture, Holistic Holiday at Sea, a holistic Caribbean cruise featuring delicious vegetarian foods and an education program that includes yoga, Pilates, macrobiotics, meditation, cooking classes, and much more. “This ‘Voyage to Well-Being,’”says Sandy, “is the culmination of my dream to provide people with a positive, life-changing experience while having the vacation of a lifetime on one of the world’s most luxurious Italian ocean liners.”



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