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Verne Varona

Author, Teacher, Counselor

Verne Varona has become known as one of the most energetic and dynamic health educators in the US. For the past forty-five years, his lectures, workshops, and media appearances have motivated thousands of people to take better and more conscious care of their health. Considered a pioneer in the field of holistic health, Verne has helped thousands of individuals improve their health, find inspiration, and sustain hope with a captivating style that uses humor, insight, and research backed by 45 years of practical experience. Verne’s appeal transcends barriers of age, culture, and occupation.

A highly sought-after speaker on health, fitness, and motivation, Verne has become a renowned keynote speaker throughout the US and Europe. His initial studies began in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the East-West Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts (1971-1974).

Verne is a frequent guest on various media platforms where his research expertise and entertaining teaching style make him a welcome and often repeat visitor. For five years, he was the nutritional consultant and co-founder of a popular Beverly Hills medical group with a clientele that featured well-known entertainment and sports professionals. With his physician associate, Verne co-created, The ODDS Program (Off Dangerous Drugs Safely); a dietary program designed to reverse pharmaceutical drug dependency such as hypertension and over-the-counter drug dependency with dietary and lifestyle guidelines featured in his books.

Verne’s first book, Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods (2001—Penguin Books), is currently in multiple editions and used as a textbook in several health and wellness institutions. His second book, Macrobiotics for Dummies (2009—Wiley Publications), was published in 2010 and is part of the International Dummies Series. In 2017, Dr. Mark Scholz, included a chapter authored by Verne on nutrition for his book: “The Key To Prostate Cancer – 30 Experts Explain the 15-Stages of Prostate Cancer.” Edited by Dr. Scholz, the book includes 29 additional chapters by leading physicians on cutting-edge therapies.

Verne has also been involved in various advocacy work related to health and wellness. Seminars for The Arthritis Foundation, The Multiple Sclerosis Society; The Prostate Cancer Research Institute; The Cancer Control Society; UCLA Nurses Extension; British Columbia University, and numerous business keynotes throughout the US and Europe, have kept Verne busy and focused.

In the last 10 years, Verne’s passion for teaching health care has extended to creating documentary and feature films, as a writer, producer, and director. His recent efforts have focused on children’s health and the creation of a 6-part streaming series, “Making Life More Delicious, Bite By Bite,” exclusively for children and parents.

March 2024 Cruise Classes:

Meaning, Humor, Creativity & Intuition: Recreating Yourself as a Person of Passion

Meaning, creativity, humor, and intuition are critical components of a fulfilling life. This talk redefines meaning and demonstrates the many ways we can become more naturally creative, as well as develop the ability to recognize our intuitive voice. This can positively affect our  immunity, and foster a more  focused and passionate personality. The power of meaning is a well-researched subject that directly links with planetary longevity, good, sustained health, and optimism of character. This talk breaks down the mystery of meaning, making it easier to understand and personalize.


KEYNOTE: The Real Meaning of “Be Your Own Doctor”

This humorous lecture explores the way your body works, heals, and how its unique systems maintain a delicate balance with every breath and heartbeat. Practical information that can be life-saving, or life-inspiring, will be discussed as well as the markers for good health that can be measured. Join us for a humorous introduction to your fascinating body. How does emotional expression (the lack or excess) influence your body? Where do we have the most control over our lives? How do we build adaptability? What’s really important? How much time ya’ got? Learn the essential factors that help us to heal and discover a new value for bettering and challenging your health!


A Taste of Vitamin H to Open Your Clown Chakra!

A seriously fun workshop dedicated to learning how to use humor (Vitamin H) as a communication tool, for amusement or just to share something simply fun. There are reams of positive studies that have been documented on the benefits of laughter! No need to wax on–it’s good for you, and we all know it–I’m just yelling a bit louder! Cerebral humor, physical humor, witty humor, straight-out slapstick humor and, the old standby, pantomime: How can we use humor to diffuse extreme emotions? Explore the psychology of humor–what is funny to you?


The Real Meaning of “Be Your Own Doctor” 
Continued – Self Diagnosis

Join this engaging class to learn how to evaluate your health through a variety of diagnostic modalities. Learn more about the symptoms and conditions you may have always wondered about through this workshop that questions the what, why and how. It will be fun, insightful, humorous and potentially life-saving!

Individual Consultations and/or Workshops Available:

Health Counseling with Verne Varona

Verne Verona offers prompt, practical and proven advice for your personal health concerns. This session is an opportunity to get your questions answered one-on-one! After fifty years as a student, researcher, author and practitioner of whole food cultural diets, Verne is more than equipped to personalize a healthy, doable eating plan for your individual needs, habits and health goals. Working with a broad array of modalities, he will share his insightful observations regarding your specific condition to determine what is working well and consistently, not just “in theory.” Verne will conduct a formal session face-to-face on board and a virtual follow-up call reviewing your dietary and lifestyle habits. He will provide you with pertinent PDFs of material he has created specifically for the individual clients. The follow-up session, which is more than just a “check-in,” is usually conducted one to two weeks after the initial session. During this time, a customized diet is introduced, and questions are answered. All consultations include a one-hour, formal face-to-face session with Verne, one follow-up session and assorted PDFs relevant to the clients concerns.

$400/person, 60 minutes
$450/couple, 60 minutes



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