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Warren Kramer

Macrobiotic authority

Warren Kramer is an internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, lecturer and cooking teacher with over 30 years of experience. Warren assisted Mr. Michio Kushi who, with his wife Aveline, became the pioneers of the natural foods movement in the US. Warren was Michio’s scribe for over 10 years, attending and scribing during his health counseling sessions and conducting follow up calls when there were questions. Warren was a faculty member of the Kushi Institute and is currently a member of the Macrobiotic Educators Association. Warren is also on the faculty of the Strengthening Health Institute located in Philadelphia, PA.

Warren teaches the macrobiotic approach to health and wellness, including principles of food selection and preparation, exercise, work and personal relationships. Warren was a traveling cook for six years, working privately with cancer patients throughout the world. He currently teaches in 13 cities across the US. Warren and his wife Fatim run the Macrobiotic Center of New England. They live in Brighton, MA, with their amazing son Adam.



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