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Macrobiotics: Hundreds of Years of Wisdom

After digesting Ronald L. Peters MD, MPH’s article ‘Macrobiotics: The Ultimate Diet and Medical lessons from my Mother-in-Law‘, the doctor makes a clear statement explaining the naturally nutritional benefits of a macrobiotic diet. Dr. Peters not only offers a sense of necessity to the dietary lifestyle, but also a feeling of biological familiarity. The modification of the human diet throughout history has left us with a long banquet-table of food options, and some, needless to say, afford more valuable sustenance than others.

“Arising from the wisdom of many diverse cultures over hundreds of years, the macrobiotic principles are now merging with modern medical research to create convincing evidence for the best diet for mankind.”

Through studying the scientific basis for the progression of past to current-day dietary necessities for the human body, Peters has reasoned that modern, popular diet trends lack the longevity and insight accumulated within the macrobiotic lifestyle which has become increasingly bolstered by prominent figures in the medical field.

“But none of them stands on anything near the comprehensive epidemiologic research supporting The China Study, and none of them, except perhaps for the Paleolithic diet, is founded upon hundreds of years of ethnic and cultural wisdom as the macrobiotic diet.”

Specifically noted in Peters’ article are four of our valued presenters and progressive health-focused innovators – Dr Neal Barnard, Michio Kushi, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, as well as Dr. Dean Ornish. Facilitating the chronological advancement of macrobiotic studies, Peters describes how this purifying nutritional alignment, along with his specialized guidance, positively contributed to health improvement of his mother-in-law.

“She was a warm and delightful woman but she struggled to walk with her 230lb on a 5’ 3” frame. She had high blood pressure, diabetes, and chronic fatigue, popping seven medications every day. Fast forward six months and she weighed 170 lbs, having lost 60 lbs and her blood pressure was 125/70 and her fasting blood sugar was 75. She had stopped all her medications under my supervision as her diabetes and high blood pressure were gone. She was walking two to three miles daily without pain and sun tanning by the pool. She had been medically transformed by a low fat macrobiotic diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, sea vegetables and more, lovingly prepared by my wife, Vesna, a macrobiotic counselor of 16 years.”

Alongside the substantial physical enhancements resulting from her devotion to the macrobiotic diet, Peters’ mother-in-law also experienced gradual emotional and mental equilibrium as well.

“Not only do most diseases gradually fade away as diabetes and high blood pressure did for my Mother-in-Law, but people experience greater mental clarity and emotional stability. Also, as people progress on the path of macrobiotics, they invariably notice that their body communicates to them and “tells” them what foods are best to eat.”

Outlining the 12 reasons to embrace a macrobiotic lifestyle, as observed in Simon G. Brown’s publication ‘Modern Day Macrobiotics,’ Peters calls for faithfulness to the scientifically proven, wholly beneficial qualities of macrobiotics, maintaining dietary simplicity, while still enjoying the fullness of flavor, as present in this culinary criterion.

“The macrobiotic diet is based on the foods eaten by the healthiest societies on earth and it has been used to reverse all types of disease. George Oshawa used macrobiotic principles to cure himself of tuberculosis in 1911 and then spread the word to Europe and America. Mishio Kushi popularized the healing power of whole foods in America. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases have resolved using the macrobiotic philosophy, providing strong support for the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates who said, ‘Let food be by thy medicine.’”/

On the Holistic Holiday at Sea, macrobiotic meals will be available as well as gluten free and oil free menu options. This vegan travel experience promises to be like nothing else you will encounter in 2013.  This is a unique vacation where there is a community of like minded health conscious individuals, a plethora of menu options to dazzle your taste buds, activities to enliven your body and lectures, seminars and classes to ignite your mind. We look forward to seeing you!