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Clinton Stays Healthy After Clipping Ties from Animal Products

I… No Longer… Have Relations… With That Cheeseburger

After years of indulging on fast food and a smorgasbord of animal products, Clinton’s classic McDonald’s diet began to take its toll on more than just his flabby tummy. As quoted from an August article on, “Clinton switched to a plant-based diet in 2011 and within several months had lost 24 pounds. The previous year, he had two stents placed in his coronary artery after having undergone a quadruple heart-bypass surgery in 2004.” With a family history of heart disease and a lifelong battle with his weight, Clinton celebrated his 66th birthday this August attributing his newfound healthy existence entirely to his lifestyle reformation. This progression came in phases, however.
“When I had my second heart incident [in 2010] and I had the stents put in, I had passed all my physicals, I was doing great, but I was still building up plaque in my arteries,’ he recounted. ‘So I decided that I wanted to see if I could live to be a grandfather, so I just went all the way.’”
Noting Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. as personal guides into the world of healthier living, the old daily, and nightly, feasting rituals no longer hold the same sway over Bill’s belly.
“’I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now,’ said Clinton, whose weight hovers at around 185 pounds — his weight at age 13! – ‘All my blood tests are good, and my vital signs are good, and I feel good. I also have more energy.’”

From ‘Krispy Kreme’ to Kale & Beans

The former president has formed a massive wave in changing the tide concerning veganism within the celebrity circuit. Veganism is slowly arching into the celestial realm as star-studded elites, including Rev. Al Sharpton, actress Michelle Pfeiffer, and most recently hip-hop artist Usher, align with the concept of removing meat, dairy, eggs and oils from their diet.
With a greener and more grateful outlook on life, Clinton has cited the documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’ and the book ‘The China Study’ as a reminder as to why and how a plant-based diet is such a vital facet in his everyday life. Instead of jogging towards a Mickey D’s, Clinton runs past them, claiming “Getting rid of the dairy was great, getting rid of the meat was — I just don’t miss it.”
So who’s next on the influential former president’s list of new vegan initiates? We’re willing to bet he’ll leave a leafy-legacy with his future grandchildren.
“’Hillary and I, we are happy, we love our son-in-law,’ said Clinton, whose daughter Chelsea got married in July 2012. ‘And we would like to be around if there are grandkids, we would like to do our part.’”
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