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Five Reasons People Love Sailing with Holistic Holiday at Sea

Five Reasons People Love Sailing with Holistic Holiday at Sea

Why do our attendees choose Holistic Holiday at Sea year after year? Here are the top five reasons guests love sailing with us!

1. The inspirational, educational programming

We’re excited to announce a new Doctors’ Panel and Athletes’ Panel as part of our robust program. Dr. Michael Greger will host the Doctor’s Panel featuring Drs. Neal Barnard and Scott Stoll. Robert Cheeke will host the Athlete’s Panel alongside Dr. Scott Stoll, Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D., and Nathan Crane

 30+ leading experts will share research on plant-based nutrition and regenerative medicine, as well as stories of healing, mindfulness, and recovery against all odds! Activities start in the mornings with fitness, movement, and meditation. Then classes, panel discussions, interactive cooking demonstrations, and entertainment make for inspiring days (and nights!) at sea.

 There is always something new to learn. Choose from 20+ classes each day. The cruise ship provides an immersive experience and eliminates outside distractions, allowing guests to focus on learning and connecting with our speakers. This cruise is like no other vegan educational experience!

    2. The vegan food

    Whether you are transitioning to a plant-based diet or you’re a long-time vegan, the Holistic Holiday at Sea cuisine has something for everyone. Our dedicated team of experienced chefs will delight and inspire your palate. Choose from an array of casual dining settings at the buffet areas or a 4-course seated dining experience in the exquisite restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    3. The Caribbean adventures

    Traveling by cruise ship between tropical Caribbean ports while you sleep is unlike any other experience. The ports offer a variety of self-guided exploration opportunities. For a more curated adventure, book an excursion through MSC Cruises. Holistic Holiday at Sea offers several vegan-friendly exclusive experiences that will include plant-based lunches. Excursions will be posted and available for booking in December!

    4. The friendships and community

    Holistic Holiday at Sea has sparked many lifetime friendships, and even love connections, through the decades. Dance at our memorable nightly parties, feast with new friends in the open seating dining rooms, play during group daily fitness classes, and much more!

    5. The cruise experience

    Transformative and enriching classes, vegan cuisine, and Caribbean itinerary are just a few of the attractions onboard the MSC Seascape. The brand-new, environmentally friendly ship features amenities like a luxurious spa, a large fitness facility, entertainment and activities for children of all ages, shopping, a waterpark (seriously!), virtual reality attractions, and more! Some of our guests choose to focus exclusively on Holistic Holiday at Sea programming while others enjoy a balanced mix of our programs and other unique, onboard experiences.

    Learn more about the 2024 Holistic Holiday at Sea onboard MSC Seascape.