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Poolside Socials Offer Good Vibes & Healthy Living


When it comes to throwing a party, nobody combines entertainment and healthy eating as well as Holistic Holiday at Sea. During the seven-day experience, guests have many opportunities to mingle and dance, including several poolside socials that take place at the main saltwater pool under the stars on select days.

Serving Up Snacks & Love

Committed to serving vegan cuisine prepared with care, chefs create delicious treats for each occasion. Offerings include ice cream with fruit and other toppings, pizza, chips with salsa and other dips, and veggie sushi. With a smile, Holistic Holiday at Sea cofounder Sandy Pukel says they also serve up a love potion, referring to the fact that many attendees have found their matches on the cruise.

The Power of Friendship

Marcus Gary, a vegan and Qi Gong instructor, says, “The events offered on the cruise address so many interests one may have. Lectures on health, cooking and exercise classes, but my favorite part of the voyage are the people. I have met the most loving, community-minded, giving, passionate and caring people. I am humbled by their stories of triumph over life’s challenges, and their knowledge of how to live life. I am blessed by these lifelong friendships which have improved the quality of my life.”

Marcus was introduced to Holistic Holiday at Sea by his business partners Maria Johnson and Jamila Makini and attended his first cruise in 2009. Since then, Marcus, Maria, and Jamila have returned year after year to teach Qi Gong, which explores the flow of energy.

“The social events on the cruise provide so much healing energy and the right atmosphere to cultivate these friendships,” says Marcus. “As a Qi Gong instructor, I respect energy, and cultivating it should not be limited to just a class. It should and must be cultivated always. And those dance parties are just good Qi Gong.  

Music to Feed the Soul


The very talented vocalist Bridgette Kosser calls the ship by its more common name, The Love Boat. She provides musical entertainment for the Welcome Party, as well as two socials that boast a dance party. She attended the cruise as a first-time participant in 2009, and returned as an entertainer in 2010. Guests always look forward to her one-woman shows. For the upcoming cruise, they can expect an ’80s-themed dance party and a “Turn Back Time: Dancing Through the Years” party. On the latter, Bridgette says, “I cover the ’50s through the present with some of the most loved songs from each era.”

Dancing, like food, has the power to transform our lives. “People tell me how much fun they have dancing,” says Bridgette. “As a matter of fact, I have at least a few people tell me that they haven’t danced in years because of illness or an event that made them feel so sad they didn’t feel like dancing or celebrating. Then they tell me that they did on the cruise with me and the music, and that they feel free and happy. It’s a really celebratory kind of feeling … People who might normally feel shy and anxious about dancing in public actually do it on the cruise. There is a feeling of being away from your normal life and you try new things. I help provide the inspiration and opportunity for that to happen.”

When asked how entertainment complements the holistic health mission of the cruise, Bridgette replies, “Everyone is coming to learn how to be healthy, to feel good. One of the things about this cruise that makes it so amazing is the food we all eat. Once we begin eating the same food, we are more connected, energetically. The music does that, too. People are in lectures, classes and consultations all day long and having a way to relax and have some fun together is vital. It is a cruise, after all!”

Want to Attend?

Poolside socials are just one of the many opportunities to relax and enjoy healthy eating. The next Holistic Holiday at Sea runs March 11–18, 2017. Book today!