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Special COVID-19 Edition: Overcome Back and Neck Pain With Dr. Yoav Suprun

We hope you and your loved ones are well and staying safe during these unsettling times. Right now it is especially important for us to take care of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Like so many others, we at Holistic Holiday at Sea are exploring different ways of making connections. Over the coming months, we will be offering online support, education and encouragement. Check out our most recent features on healthy immunity during COVID-19, immune-boosting plant-based recipes, and mindfulness at home.


Watch Now: Free Video with Dr. Yoav Suprun

Dr. Yoav Suprun, DPT, OCS, Dip. MDT, whose lectures were enormously popular on our 2020 cruise, has offered this free recorded video, Strategies for Overcoming Back and Neck Pain During the Pandemic. Dr. Suprun is an authority on the McKenzie Method of self-treatment for common discomforts and pain in the neck, back and extremities.  

Especially now during the current pandemic, people are stuck at home, moving less and sitting more. Many are using their phones, laptops or simply watching TV in bad postures and as a result, are experiencing spine related problems.

Whether you have lower back or neck pain, stiffness or sciatica, hip, knee or shoulder pain, in this informative webinar, Dr. Suprun will show you how to make changes in your physical alignment and discuss proper ergonomics at home to help you alleviate and prevent pain.


Happening Soon: Free Live Q & A with Dr. Suprun

Dr. Suprun will be hosting a live Q & A session on Saturday, May 9th from 4-5 pm EST. 

Register here for the live Q & A:


Book a One-on-One Session with Dr. Suprun

Many of our guests were unable to book private consultations with Dr. Suprun while onboard the cruise due to the huge demand for appointments with him. You now have another opportunity for a one-on-one session with Dr. Suprun. You can schedule a private appointment with him via our new HHAS Telehealth offering. For details or to book an appointment please email: or call 305-928-1098 option 4.


About Dr. Suprun

Fortune 500 companies, organizations, YPO/WPO and Vistage worldwide groups have invited Dr. Suprun to provide informative workshops and learn the secrets of self-healing and prevention strategies. As an international speaker on the field of prevention of musculoskeletal orthopedic problems, Dr. Suprun enjoys helping clients with strategies on self-care and provides entertaining and common sense reasoning to avoid medications, injection and surgeries.