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The sun is shining, the warm ocean water is waiting and your body is practically begging for delicious seasonal picnic fare. We found some zesty suggestions, from the green website WebEcoist! We’re offering up our favorite 5 of the summer-loving, vegan-friendly delights that are sure to bring a smile to your face and satisfaction to your stomach. From classically tasty Ripe Tomato Basil Bruschetta, to heavenly Coconut-Lime Custard Pie with Papaya Sauce, you’ll need to keep reading to set your summer straight for your vegan picnic vacation!

The Breeze, Palm Trees and Tasty Vegan Recipes

If your taste buds haven’t tingled off of your tongue yet, just wait until you read about these five flavorful vegan dishes:
Veggie Pinwheels
A picnic classic – Spread your favorite vegan cream cheese or hummus over your choice of tortilla or wheat lavash, add raw or grilled veggies (you’ll definitely want to slice some avocado and tomatoes in there!), wrap and chill over night or serve right away and you’ve got yourself a fabulously healthy alternative to dangerously fatty picnic treats!
Antipasto Stuffed Picnic Loaf

One word: Wow! Hollow out your favorite choice of bread and gently stuff it with all of your favorites – Sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke, garden-fresh basil, pesto, avocado, olives, soy cheese, or perhaps hummus, tempeh or tofu. Wrap tightly and apply light weight over the bread-container, adding density and allowing the mixed flavors of your scrumptious fillings to complement one another. Refrigerate overnight and tomorrow your picnic will live on as legendary!

Dairy-Free Banana Bread
An instant favorite, your fellow picnic-goers won’t know what hit them! Thanks to the Post Punk Kitchen ( for the recipe, your picnic will never be the same after you’ve tasted the sweetest, most moist banana bread ever! And did we mention it’s completely vegan? No frills needed (although it tastes amazing with fresh fruit, vegan chocolate sauce or dairy-free vanilla frosting), this banana bread is simply perfect
Ripe Tomato Basil Bruschetta
No summer season is complete without the fresh taste and classic crunch of Tomato Basil Bruschetta. Even your omnivore friends have to agree: You can’t beat the savory simplicity of three chopped tomatoes, one Vidalia onion and lavishing tablespoons of garden-fresh basil over toasted rounds of your favorite French bread. Add in a tablespoon of choice extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a dashing of salt and pepper and let the fantastic flavors and the calming breeze lift your heart.
Coconut-Lime Custard Pie with Papaya Sauce
It wouldn’t be a picnic without the perfect summer-time pie, and we know we’re going to drop some jaws with this one! Tropical flavors abound, this custard pie leans towards its cheese-cake brethren, but maintains a unique, tangy identity with the popping taste of lime, coconut and papaya. Cradled in a scratch-made oat-crust, the pie’s smooth filling, consisting of coconut milk and silken tofu, is ladled with clear sea vegetable agar-agar to keep the custard texture consistent, and is finally topped with piquant papaya sauce to fill out the full flavor.
An Endless Vegan Summer
The sun doesn’t have to set on your vegan summer fun! Holistic Holiday at Sea offers the vegan travel experience of a lifetime with dish after dish of vegan delights that you can learn to cook and take back with you for your next picnic outing! Eat marvelous meals, make new like-minded friends and see exotic ports, all the while learning to heal your mind and body. Learn to make every day a peaceful summer paradise on the 10th Anniversary Holistic Holiday at Sea in 2013!