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Lots Going on in the Vegan World…

Queen Of Funk Embraces Vegan Diet to Combat Type 2 Diabetes

For starters, if you are a fan of American Idol, you witnessed the unveiling of the 59 year old, Soul songstress, Chaka Khan. It was a month ago, but it is all over the news and many blogs, that she lost the weight on a Vegan Diet…duh?! Chaka Khan was diagnosed with diabetes late last year. At that time she started fasting and implementing a vegan diet! She states she has never been a fan of exercise and chose to shift her diet and maintain the one exercise she does enjoy…walking! Check out the full story...

PETA Celebrates Compassionate and Beautiful Celebrities

Over at PETA, they did their Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity competition and Holistic Holiday at Sea repeat attendee, John Salley was one of the nominees! However,the male sexiest vegetarian celebrity award went to Woody Harrelson, formerly of Cheers and most recently of Zombieland and the sexiest female vegetarian celebrity went to the beautiful and elegant Jessica Chastain of The Help and The Debt. For the record, they are both committed vegans.
Just in time for the fourth of July, PETA also has some pretty snazzy Red, White and Delicious recipes!

Vegan Immersion Weekend Takes Place in NYC’s Trendy Soho

The Seed Vegan Experience in NYC over the weekend of June 16th and 17th, was one of the most anticipated vegan events of the year. Apparently, it was well worth the wait with something for everyone. Whether you are a Vegan, considering becoming a vegan or just a plain omnivore that wants to know why anyone would ever stop eating meat. Looking forward to seeing what they have planned for next year! I’ve seen lots of coverage for this story, but I liked the coverage by JL Fields @, the best…here’s a link!

2011 Food Documentary Promoting Vegan Diet Gets a Leg Up from HULU

Forks Over Knives gets a boost from Hulu! For a limited time Hulu is allowing access to view this amazing documentary about the advantages of adopting a plant based diet. As you know, this documentary showcases the work of three of our repeat presenters, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Dr.T. Colin Campbell and Dr.Neal Barnard.

Bill Clinton Speaks Out

One of the world’s most famous vegans, Bill Clinton offers his support of NYC May Bloomberg’s ban on super size soft drinks…Full story and CNN interview here!
Remember, if you have a friend or friends, that you have been trying to convince to shift to a plant based diet, the Holistic Holiday Cruise at Sea could be the experience for them. There is access to amazing information through lectures, talks as well as the opportunity to speak with an entire community of peot ple already living the vegan lifestyle. They can dine on delicious vegan meals, partake in Holistic activities, pamper themselves and have a true Vegan travel experience. The Holistic Holiday at Sea’s 10th Anniversary promises to be an unforgettable experience!